Group rides with Mallorca Cycling Holidays

Guided rides with Mallorca Cycling Holidays. 

Cycling alone might not always be too appealing, and riding with a group sounds like a much more fun option, right? That’s why we offer visitors to Mallorca the opportunity to join a guided group ride and discover the best cycling routes in Mallorca. You will be looked after by an expert guide and have peace of mind that you won’t get lost, help with changing a puncture, and of course enjoy all the best coffee stops. Guided riding is about socialisation, enjoyment, but of course, the occasional effort, or as we say, “express yourself.”

For guided riding, you need to use any kind of clip-in pedals and be comfortable with riding distances of 50-60 miles with some elevation. Below you will see two examples of the groups speeds for rolling routes and mountain days. The main aim is we stick together and regroup at certain points and no one gets left behind.

If you would like to organise a guided cycling holiday for a group or if you are travelling solo and would like to find out more about available dates? You can reach out to us and find out more about a guided cycling holiday in Mallorca. 

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