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Nutrition for Cycling Mallorca Cycling

Nutrition for cycling in Mallorca

Mallorca has an average annual temperature of 21 degrees with the summer months going above 30. During spring and autumn when it’s the most popular time to cycle in Mallorca you can easily see temperatures around 25 degrees each day. Getting the right hydration and nutrition for cycling in Mallorca really helps contribute to a

Cycling in Palma

Cycling in Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca  We are excited to add this package to our Mallorca Cycling Holidays portfolio.  Being based in Mallorca we tend to spend the winter months (around November to February) in Palma. The capital of Mallorca it’s a vibrant city and has a wonderful choice of cafes and restaurants to choose

Gears For Mallorca

Gear ratios on the roads of Mallorca First thing to do is check what you are currently using. A lot of cyclists will buy a bike and be unaware what their current set up is. Most chainsets and cassettes will have it marked on the chainset rings and on the teeth of the cassette. How


Below we have tried to answer all the questions which might be on your mind when thinking about booking a cycling holiday in Mallorca. How fit do I need to be?Our trips are aimed at regular cyclists looking for a challenge. Each day’s riding is tailored to fit the group’s ability and what you are

5 of the best climbs in Mallorca

5, Coll de la Creueta 3km, 5%, 230 meters This one is always great for a first day warm up to get those climbing legs going. Wonderful way to do a bike shake down and to check everything is working. This is the start of the route that take you all the way to the