Below we have tried to answer all the questions which might be on your mind when thinking about booking a cycling holiday in Mallorca.

How fit do I need to be?
Our trips are aimed at regular cyclists looking for a challenge. Each day’s riding is tailored to fit the group’s ability and what you are looking to achieve but is flexible enough to allow a range of abilities to enjoy the rides. No matter your cycling level you will never have to push yourself more than what you are comfortable with. We recommend building your fitness leading up to the trip by working up to a 50 mile rides with some climbs. This is just as a ballpark and obviously you can do more but we think this will make riding in Mallorca a little bit more enjoyable than having no fitness on arrival. All cyclist must be using a road bike with clip in pedals. We do not mix and match e-bike groups with regular road bike groups. 

How many people in a group?
We run sensible group sizes as  we want respect the local traffic laws and residents. With this in mind we run groups of 10-15 riders. This keeps it safe and provides enough room for passing cars.

Can I come on my own?
Yes! It’s a great way to meet new like-minded people.  If you want a room yourself check out our single supplement price on the type of trip you are looking to book. 

What’s the weather like?
The weather in Mallorca is warm all year round. The average annual temperature  is 21 degrees. However, in the early months of the year, it can be a bit fresh at the beginning of the day so we recommend that you pack arm, knee warmers and a rain jacket. From April onwards expect blue skies and sunshine unless you are very unlucky.

What’s the food like?
The meals are very cycling friendly, with hot and cold options there is a lot of choice. You definitely won’t go hungry! All dietary requirements can be catered for.

What are the roads like?
Cycling in Mallorca is a world Mecca for cyclist with over 150,000 listing each year. The roads are superbly well maintained and has a brilliant network of connecting roads to visit all corners of the island.

Can I extend the trip?
Yes you can. If you would like something bespoke to match your travelling dates just reach out and ask. We will then make a custom trip for you. 

What flight should I book?
You are free to book any flight to Palma Mallorca (PMI), but we recommend booking onto one of the morning flights out and a late afternoon/evening one back. Airport transfers are included in most of our trips depending on group size.  However, with regular buses and shuttles at cheap ticket prices there are many cost effective ways to get to the hotel. We can advise and assist on all your travel arrangements.